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Another way to import the board support configuration

Status: New
I have Labview 2020 installed, along with Vivado 2019.1.1_AR73110 (which is the version the vi package manager installed). My suspicion is there may be few bits missing from the Vivado installation that labview does, since said bits (like using a board definition as a starting point for a project) wouldn’t ever be necessary for the FPGA module’s normal operation.
The Short version is, Labview’s Vivado versions (2017.2 & 2019.1) behave the same way. I’d question why the C:\NIFPGA\programs\<VivadoVersion>\data\boards directory isn’t present (even if it provides no actual board definitions) in the labview installs if end users are allowed/expected to use the software for custom project uses (IE, FPGA IP export utility, expecting you to use the same vivado version), but ultimately the labview vivado versions do not appear to be missing anything major.
Maybe in future labview Vivado versions, include the data\boards directory, with a readme note about what to copy from a Xilinx Vivado version to get board presets to work, or leave the framework without any actual board definitions.
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This request sounds really interesting.  I see you have considered IP Export.


Have you look at LabVIEW FPGA export for vivado


This is not to takeaway from the feature request but to include it in your consideration (if it has not).

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