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use ni myrio (with stratcom x-can adapter) to run epos positioning controller over can




i want to use an ni myrio to run an epos2 24/5 positioning controller from maxon motor over can. the programming should be done in labview. the epos should be disconnected from any computer and only has the can can connection to the myrio. the can conection should also be used to send data inbetween the two devices: i plan to run the epos in velocity mode with an analogue set value. so the velocity value is send from the myrio to the epos and hall sensor data are send from the epos to the myrio.

i have three questions:

the epos runs with can open, but the myrio with the x-can adapter uses can. apparently there is a way to assign a can port to be canopen. this is not possible in the x-can adapter toolpalette, but it should be possible with compactRIO palettes. i needed to use them for the myrio then. does anyone have experience how this can be done?

how is can data transfer from and to the epos programmed in labview? i don't find any explanations of the epos labview palette. does anyone have any examples?

does anyone have experience in using the myrio as master to control the epos? how do i program the epos in that case? i mean: i need to connect it to my computer from where i send the epos labview data. (i guess over the can connection from the epos to the myrio and the usb connection from the myrio to the computer? but how is this assigned?) i am totally new in can.


thanks for your help.


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I am doing a thesis which it is similar to what you propose in the forum. In my case, also i want to use an ni myrio to run an epos positioning controller from maxon motor over can. I would like to know if you have advanced something in the theme and if it is so, if you could help me, as i dont know very good how start with this matter.



Thanks for your help.

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Guys even I do want to do the same, do you guys achieved any results how to use myrio with epos driver for national instruments. Please do share the procedure how to make it work with myrio as it will be useful for my project. My email id:

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