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receiving SMS using GSM module in LabVIEW

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Hi ...

I am Communicating the GSM module in VI. I can found the solution for sending the SMS. But i am having the trouble in read the SMS in VI. I tried more type of models. When I am running the VI,  in the read buffer content is displaying as "AT+CMGR=1" which is we are writing AT command into the port for reading the SMS.Here I attached the image.... please kindly go that image, you will surely get what I am getting the error...

Please reply asap....

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Please attach the vi. that you had used for sending the sms.

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Here vi for receiving SMS from GSM....

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Accepted by azadplc007

Here vi for receiving SMS from GSM....V14

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can you send your VI file to send the message

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can you send your VI file to send the message.

I am created my VI file for sending SMS but there are some mistakes.

plz provide some solutions

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hello rajbag, 

I have modified your coding, check this coding once....

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COOL!  😃


Where can I open the GSM module inside LabView?


Is there also a 3G cellular module?

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You can't open the GSM module with this code. We are communicating the GSM module using VISA commands. Refer google for most AT commands for the GSM module. 

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