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real time work in host but don't work completely when build on target to run as stand alone program

my project include FPGA program with various timming loop and real time program include two timed while loop one is fast and the other is slow for ex. 50 Hz and 15 Hz). I am using the serial port of the target as a comminication port between the target and the host, my problem as follows the program work as well in host through the ethernet but when i am trying to run the program as standalone program on target by the build and real time application it dosen't work as expected especiffically i received the excepected data from the target through the serial port but the target don't receive the command from the host through the serial port. some key points i used a queue to transfer my data between the two timmed loops.


thanks hoppfully u can got my problem.


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Just to understand your problem, during development, when you have your host connected to the PC through ethernet, the target receives commands from the host just fine. However when you try to run the project all on your target the host receives data from the target, but the target does not receive data back. Is this correct?


What are you using as your Target and Host? 

Daniel Parrott
Software Product Marketing - Data Management & LabVIEW
National Instruments
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really this is the problem, the data transfer through serial port RS232 of the target sbrio9642, the program has two main loop one fast 15 ms and the slow loop is 50 ms and the data exchange between the two loops through queue and data exchange through the serial loops of the target, the data transfer from the target to the host (modem with rate 115200 bps), and not receive the data through serial from (modem with rate 115200 bps).


the target is sbrio 9642 with c series NI 9870.


thanks for help and hopefully give me any advice that can solve this problem, any further question i am ready to answer about my prog.

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sorry, the data are exchange from target to the out side through a modem with 115200bps, while the target receive data also from RF modem same data rate.


thanks daniel, hopefully u got what the problem.



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Hi Alaa,


I can't see anything wrong with your setup, and it's interesting that the target is able to send data to the host but isn't receiving anything. Are you receiving any errors at all? 


At this point I would try to boil down the problem and create a simple program to receive commands from the host through serial. You can try running one of our examples, Basic Serial Write and, to see if this works correctly. 


Sorry I'm not much more helpful! 

Daniel Parrott
Software Product Marketing - Data Management & LabVIEW
National Instruments
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i can tell something may it help in analysis, i am using more than reference varaibles for example serial reference variable, fpga reference variable, queue, front pannel as input and indicators with reference to this controls in the vi.


i tell u something that help me in my program but not 100%, just we change the front pannel to constant values the stand-alone program run without any problem, but for just 5 seconds and need to restart again to begin the program again


thanks for ur interest 

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