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re:ERROR 1073807339 occured at visa read in labview

I m using labview 12.

I m tring to design powersuppy which is from other company and i have install all required driver for that but now when i tried to connect with labview i got error regarding to Time out.

I checked my all parameters regarding to baud rate, data flow etc ...,i have already installed the visa driver also ,but i am really getting stuck here..will you please help me to solve this problem...

error occures in at time of query instument id,I make it false and again tried to run but then it seem me error in visa reset,i really dont know what to do now..

here i am also attach the diagram regarding to error and also initialise .vi in which error occure.Even I am not able to open my visa panel in NI max also.

Thanks in Advance.

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