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mdk 9951 : error compilation VHDL with DIO lines


Hello everybody,


we have follow the instructions mdk to design a cRIO module, all work fine until the first Test (see photo"API tes"t). We passed all the Vi utility test (Mdk2Utility_GenerateModuleSupportExport) and we succeed in creating Release project (see photo"API test"). So the issue come when we tried to compile our API test ( see photo "error-compilation"). For precisions, our system is simple, we used only 2 DIO lines DIO0 and DIO1 (respectively tx and rx) (see file "STEP-8304_ModuleSupport.xml"). 


We don't understand what's the problem with our project. For information, we have no problem with the example MDK-9901, so we think it's not a compilator setting issue.


Do you have any solutions to solve our problem or any idea ?


Best regards,


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