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iso 8041 - frequency weighting filters

iso 8041 - frequency weighting filters



I've faced a problem with these weighting filters described in details in ISO 2631, 5349 and 8041. The problem was that I wanted to use them in LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers, however in this module there is no access to Sound and Vibration tools palette. In standard ISO 8041, there is proposed usage of MATLAB script to implement each filter separately. Again, no possibility of usage MATLAB script in embedded module... I had to cope with this problem in some other way. I decided to write a simple script in MATLAB software for calculating coefficients of each filter. In LabVIEW for ARM, I could use basic filter blocks from Signal Processing palette. I've done following subVI for this purpose - attached files. I'd appreciate any remarks and suggestions to this program.


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Re: iso 8041 - frequency weighting filters

Hello matmix1.


Can you post your vi, not only print screen. It is easier to analyze how your vi is working if I can test it. 


Kind regards, 


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Re: ISO 8041 - frequency weighting filters



Thank You for response. As You wish, VI with filters attached. In second VI, there are the same filters, however built with the use of other IIR blocks. I made it slightly simpler, because of the fact that I'd like to use it on MCB2300.

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Re: ISO 8041 - frequency weighting filters

If you create a VI in "My Computer" on the ARM Project, it will have all resources you need. I think you can create this VI to calculate the coefficients of the filter and pass them to the ARM VI through global variables, I only don't know if its necessary the coefficients VI have to run when you buid the ARM Project.

Some resources of LabVIEW are blocked in the ARM projects because they need resources (hardware or software) only present in the PC or OS (like DLLs).

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