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enregistrement de données


bonjour, je veux enregistrer la valeur de la temperature et celle de l'humidité sous excel et les afficher dans la table mais aussi récuperer les valeurs anciennes, quand j'arréte et je redémarre le programme les valeurs s'ajoutent à celles enregistrées. Le probléme c'est que lorsque je démarre le programme la date d'enregistrement et méme la valeur sont fausses, il s'est coincé dans la date du premier essai !! comment faire pour corriger ce probléme si quelqun peut m'aider et merci

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Hi marmara,

Attempting to translate: Hello, I want to record the value of the temperature and the humidity in Excel and display them in the table but also retrieve the old values ​​when I stops and a I restart the program values ​​are added to those registered. The problem is that when I start the program the recording date and even the value is false, it is stuck in the date of the first test !! how to fix this problem if anyone can help me and thank you

Is this a real-time OS-based system specifically? If not, I'd recommend posting on the larger LabVIEW discussion forum page or for the hardware that you're using, so that more people see your question. If you want to reset the table to be blank between every time you run the program, please reference this article, How can I programatically reset all the controls and indicators on my front panel?

Thank you,


Deborah Burke
Senior LabVIEW Product Manager
Certified LabVIEW Architect
National Instruments
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ok thank you, i am going to post on the discussion forum page

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