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can't connet to my target sbrio 9642 with the web ftp:// or max with set as startup running program

I am using springbok with project Baja and real time program that saving data measured on the target but once the measurement finish and I am trying to download my saved files to my PC I am found that I can't connect to the target through web ftp:// or through MAX I need to connect to my target through the Ethernet to get the saved data but I search for the way first to connect to my target and then get my data, I don't like to lost my data is it related to the IP address or the target is full with my data and the CPU is busy.

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When you see your device in MAX, what status do you see in the “System Settings” window? Have you been able to use the FTP functionality in the past with this device?


If you have the System State Publisher driver installed on your target, we can monitor your sbRIO’s memory and CPU usage with the Distributed System Manager ( Do you have that driver installed?


Is there a way that you could use a network-published shared variable to stop the program executing on your sbRIO?  If you have a particular “stop” variable programmed into your code, then we could stop the exe running and then try to access the files stored on the target.



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I have DIP swith i have been used pin number 4 in the position ON in order to stop the program in target from run as startup. i have been used also the MAX without communicate through the ethernet not connected or when search for my target not found it. i am not used the distributed system before, the FTP i used before to connect with my target succefully. I guess that my IP address is change or disable what is the proper way to connect and discover my IP address with that problem without loss my data stored. once again i check my program in target is running as startup. 

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If you are currently unable to connect to your sbRIO in MAX, then there are a few steps to take to restore connectivity.  First, I recommend using the ping command in Windows Command Prompt to see if you can communicate with the sbRIO on your network.


Also, you can use the “Console Out” dip switch and a null-modem serial cable to read the sbRIO’s start-up information directly on your computer. You can find detailed instructions about how to use the “Console Out” functionality in the following article:


For further troubleshooting steps, I highly recommend the following KnowledgeBase article:

“Why Does My CompactRIO Controller or Single-Board RIO Not Show Up in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?”

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