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Where can I find FPGA replication tool (Set RIO Device for LabVIEW 2013?

I just upgraded to LV2013SP1 and came across a VI that now is broken in my project: Set RIO Device (which is a part of Apparently this happened in 2009 as well for a different VI in the same collection of tools (see Where-can-I-find-FPGA-replication-tool-for-labview-2009. I tried the mentioned VIs in this article but both of them are broken). Note that the Replication and Deployment (RAD) Utility does not seem to support the functionality that Set RIO Device Settings does, so I still need to use the old one. 


Since the VI is password protected I cannot attempt to fix it. Might be something as simple as a type that changed...


Any help appreciated! 






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Hey Rob,


This problem has already been brought to NI R&D's attention, and they are working on a fix under Corrective Action Request (CAR) 454468. Unfortunately, until they fix the problem there may not be a way to correct the problem in the near future. The CAR is set for higher priority, so a fix could come shortly.





Ryan P.
National Instruments | Systems Engineer | CLA
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