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WebServer on sbRIO

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Hey Guys,


I am trying to make a webserver application on an NI 9636 sbRIO. I think I have all the necessary software installed on the target.


I have built the webserver Build Specification and I can see the deployed webserver under the "Deployed Web Services" option of the NI Web based Configuration & Monitoring tool (screenshot attached).


I attached a demo project, which has the sbRIO target with a "static" folder (this includes index.html), and the webserver Build Specification. The deployed webserver is shown in the attached screenshot. When I try to open, I get error 404.


Do you have any suggestions why I cannot open the index.html page?


I almost forgot: With the exact same configuration steps, I can deploy and reach the webserver on a desktop pc without any problems.


I hope I made it clear what the problem is. I you need any further information, please ask!


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Norbert and welcome to NI Forums!


Did you try to access it using the port configued in the Web Application Server? So in your case, or something similar.

The web service setup looks good to me.


Kind regards:


Andrew Valko

NI Hungary

Andrew Valko
National Instruments Hungary
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Hey Andris,


Thanks, that was the catch 🙂


Have a nice day,


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