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VI to assign a CAN port as CANopen




i want to use the ni myrio to run an epos 2 24/5 positioning controller over can. i use the stratcom x-can adapter. unfortunately the epos uses CANopen and the myrio uses can. but apparently it is possible to assign a can port to be canopen. it might be possible to use vis of the compact rio, but i don't have experience. does anyone have experience and example VIs?


thanks for your help.

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Hi lesaca,


Please see this White Paper:


CANopen is only an application layer on top of the CAN protocol, so you would need to implement the CANopen protocol within your code on the myRIO.  This is an example with the 9853 in a cRIO.  You would need to take the concepts of what is in this white paper and implement it in your design.

Matt S.
Industrial Communications Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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hi matt,


thanks for your answer. and sorry that it took a while now. i was working on some other things in the meantime. i actually plan to use usb or rs232 instead of can now. maybe i will have further questions later.


thanks again




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I am working with a thesis that is similar with you propose it. I also want to use an ni myrio to run an epos2 70/10 positioning controller from maxon motor over can. I have a stratcom x-can adapter. My problem is that all the examples i find are for compactrio, and utilize references of fpga that it is not useful me. I hope you can help me with some example or know if someone has made some progress on this issue.


Thanks for your help.

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I was wondering if anyone had managed to implement the CANopen protocol using this hardware (myRIO and stratom x-can adaptor)




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