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Using CAN-Bus+LabView on a ARM9 / WinCE 6



first of all: I have to warn you, I'm completely new to LabView 😉


I'm dealing with a student research project at my university. In my project I'm researching the possibilities to port an existing LabView-Programm written on a tablet PC running Win7 on a smaller PanelPC (embedded display) running Windows CE. LabView is creating a human-machine-interface to supervise and control components via CAN-Bus on a electrified sail plane. The porting on the small panel PC is due to limited space in the cockpit.


Therefore I've found an embedded display running Windows CE 6.0 and a ARM9 processor with CAN-Bus controller onboard, drivers included.

You may look it up here: emtrion DIMM MX257


Before we can order the board and start the porting it is important to know if its possible to use the boards CAN-Bus under LabView. Will there be driverrelated problems? Is there anyone who has experience with application of Labview on embedded displays / WinCE?


Thankyou in advance!

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If you want to use the protocol CAN to comunicate with your board, I can think of a couple of products that will help you with your application:


Do you think you will be able to integrate one of those products in your system? 



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Thankyou for you reply, those converters might be a good solution, if the onboard CAN-Controller is not able to work with LabView But I had a look into the datasheet, it says the suported operating systems are Win Vista / XP / 2000.. will it also work with Windows CE? What do you think? Will the onboard CAN-Bus do the job? Or should I go to another solution?
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To use the on-board CAN port, you could use some libraries and toolkits developped for CAN buses. I have been looking at them and I am not sure if they will work with windows CE to control an on-board CAN. Anyway I send you the links so that you can retrieve more information about the compatibility with windows CE:


NI CANopen library labVIEW:

CAN downloads:



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