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Use LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers to read data from SPI interface

The enclosed figure presents data I'm obtaining during conversion - MCP3204 to LPC2378. I use P2.0 GPIO as SSEL. What could be the reason of such peak in read data ? Additionally, I attached sub-VI responsible for 1-channel communication.

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I've been notified of your postings probably because I previously posted to this thread.  The reason no one has yet responded to this thread could be due to its age.  If you want to get the attention of those who support the latest version of the LabVIEW for ARM module, I suggest that you create a new thread and reference this older thread as needed.

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How can I use labview whit atmega32?

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@embedder wrote:

How can I use labview whit atmega32?

The word "use" is quite vague. What do you have in mind?

Would something like LVH LINX work for you?

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i am want read uid rfid with mfrc522 in mcb2300 .

please help me.....

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