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Unable to use baud-rate greater than 115200 at cRIO-9039 with NI-9871 Serial Interface


Hi. I am using cRIO-9039 with NI-9871 Serial Interface. cRIO has max baudrate of 115200 but 9871 supports baudrates of upto 3686400 so I think it should work and I am making some mistake. My approach is as following:

1) I am using LabView 2014 SP1 with August 2015 Drivers

2) I am using NI Visa 15.0 Interface
3) I am working in Scan Mode

4) I am unable to change baudrates of 9871 ports even from NI-Max

5) Whether in LabView or NI-Max, if I set baudrate greater than 115200, I guess error message that it is unsupported.

Where is the issue?

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Because scan mode not support higher baud rate, you need use fpga mode.

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