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Translate Vsion Builder to myRIO

Hi all,

is it possible to translate a Vision Builder prodedure to fit into a myRIO device?

if yes how?


I tried to copy the files (and folders) created by Vision Builder into the myRIO target (in the project)  but it doesn't work.

Basically the error is in searching a directory that should be located in /c but /c is not found in myRIO.


In general, how is the file system structure of myRIO ?


thanks and RGDS



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Hi Massimo


I suppose it's not possible; myRIO is not recognized as a supported target under VBAI.



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You could edit the generated LabVIEW code and change the path where it looks for the configuration files so it points to the place on your cRIO where you put that folder instead of the default c:\ drive. I don't see any reason it shouldn't work if you have all the drivers and vision library installed on the target. Hope that helps.
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