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The problem of Nonlinear Curve in labVIEW embedded for arm


I'm using the LabVIEW Embedded module for ARM microcontrollers with the my arm embedded system.

When I I try to build/run the vi that with Nonlinear Curve,

I get the following error:


compiling NI_Gmath_lvlib_LM_Numeric_Gradient.c...
..\..\NI_Gmath_lvlib_LM_Numeric_Gradient.c(4245): error: #167: argument of type "float64 *" is incompatible with parameter of type "PDAArrPtr *"
compiling NI_Gmath_lvlib_X_plus_h.c...


(I just copied the wrong compiling information)



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  • Does it work in regular LabVIEW?
  • Why do you create all these parameter arrays in the model? That FOR loop seems completely pointless and nothing would change if you remove it. You can easily multiply an array with a scalar.
  • What controls the value of the extra control (bottom center of model)
  • Why does the main program repeat the same calculation as fast as the computer allows?

(Please attach VIs instead of images to increase the quality of our help.)

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Thanks for your reply.


  • Yes,it can work in regular LabVIEW, and I want to apply this program to my ARM system.
  • You are right,the FOR loop is completely pointless, I've updated my VI and uploaded this VI instead of images.
  • The core of the  Nonlinear Curve is to find the best parameters by repeated repetitious calculations.
  • The crux to this problem, I think, is the transformation from VI to C program that can be compiled in Keil.
  • I tried to change images in the topic to the VI, but I didn't find the option.
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Sorry, I have no experience with the toolkit, just commenting on the code in general. 

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