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The NI-1742 and fpga



i have cRIO 9068 and The NI-1742

i want to acquire image with The NI-1742 and send to fpga or host ?? i don't know how to create Vi in hoset to excute vi from The NI-1742 to acquire image and send the image to fpga or host ??

thaks for help

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Hi dalyto

The NI-1742 Is a Smart Camera, it has his own RT Host, This camera is capable to process the image by itself, compute a result and act according to it. But if you want to pass the image to the cRIO 9068 you can do it with a TCP protocol like network stream.

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thanks for help

but how with a TCP protocol ??

and what i want it is to run only the host VI to acquire the image from NI-1742 , image  by image because i want to testing  each image ??

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