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Source: UVSC_OpenConnection Code: 1

Hello can anyone help me with this error. Installed on both laptop and computer and both gives me error. Also uninstalled, reinstall and still error! Any help please?

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Hi there,


What version of LabVIEW and LabVIEW Embedded for ARM are you using?  And what version of the uVision software do you have installed?


I would recommend a repair of the LV Embedded software, although you have said you have already done so.  Try also reinstalling the Keil uVision software; this must be done after any installation of the LV Embedded software.


Be sure to follow all the steps outlined in the installation manual for the LM3S8962 Evaluation Board:

Here are some other forums that discuss a similar problem to yours. I would read through those and see if any of their problems are similar to yours.



Ryan C.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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