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STM32 and LabView Embedded linking erros


Hello there, i am newbie in LabView and I  having issues compiling and linking my STM32 project with Labview

Can someone show  me some example  or teach me a concept on  how to link the Keil,Labview and STM32?


I am using

-Windows 10

-National Instruments LabView 2011

-Keil uVision 5

-ST-link device and utility

- STM32F407ZGT6 chip


Thank you

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please, don't use LV for ARM anymore. It's full of bugs and the project is as dead as a horse for years. I guess I was one of the few who actually ported other microcontrollers into the platform and developed a couple of products on it. We got stuck without any support on bugs before NI let it die in silence.


"LabVIEW for ARM guru and bug destroyer"
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