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SSD drive corruption with vision using LabView real-time?

Hi All, sorry in advance for the cross-post.


After running LV real-time doing some vision analysis and saving fail/pass images to an SSD drive for a few months we're seeing what we suspect might be drive corruption.  We don't have any hard clues, but we've noticed that if clone the drive to a new drive and boot off that drive instead, the problems magically go away.  If we put the original drive back in, the problems return.


Does this sound familiar to anyone and if so, would you have any recommendations as to where to start digging?


(And if the issue is a file system issue, are there any log files that we can check into?)


Thanks in advance,

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Sounds like a drive corruption.  Have you tried reformatting the drive and then putting the image back onto the drive?  If that reproduces the issue I'd say you have a bad drive.

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Hi there, thanks for the reply.


We've not tried that fix exactly, but we have bought new drives and formatted them and put a new image on them.  That cycle has happened several times now, so it seems like there's an underlying cause other than several drives in a row randomly going bad.


At the moment we tried something new and replaced the drive (an SSD) with a spinning disc drive in hopes that it will be less susceptible to how Pharlap handles(d) reads/writes/trims.  If you have any other ideas please feel free to let me know.



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