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SPI DMA config for the BF537 Ez-KIT using Embedded Blackfin Module

hi, everyone:


I am working on integrating a ADC (TI, ADS1298) into the BF537 Ez Kit using SPI port. But i am stuck in the SPI DMA config process.


Because ADS1298 is a high resolution, 24-bit ADC. Its speed rate can be up to 500SPS. So I am considering using SPI DMA channel to receive the digital data.


I use the EIO, LED3 and LED4 to be the control signal to START and RESET ADS1298, and PF6 to indicate the data information of ADS1298


the operation process is:


1. reset ADS1298 and set the START to be low

2. config BF537 SPI and DMA, then set START to be high to start the data acquire process, i am using SPISSEL1 as CS input for ADS1298, and make it low for the whole process

3. loop the PF6 testing process, if it goes low, then put data into DMA through MISO and read out the digital data


But after configuring and running, there is no SCK signal at all, and the MISO seems a serial of impluses. And I can read only some irrelavant data in the buffer out.


Is there anyone here has some experience in SPI DMA config or Blackfin Embedded module programming?


I saw NI would support Blackfin serial product in the LabVIEW 2012, so is there any embeded engineers here, I have little experience in DSP development, Thank you very much for your helping out!


Attached is my main VI.


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