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SD Card save data

I am using sbRIO 9636 which has a SD Card. How to store and access data to and from SD Card using LabVIEW?

I am acquiring data from Analog IO and would like to save 30mins of data to SD Card and then transfer the stored data of last 30mins from SD Card to host either using network stream or webservices. 


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Hi lvrat,


I posted on another thread with a similar question. You may find it useful.



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Thanks Tannerite for the infomation. 

My understanding is that I acquire the data from FPGA (hybrid setting combination of scan engine and FPGA directly) and then on RT VI I use Invoke node method to mount SD Card, open file and write the data to file using the SD Card path. Will try and see how it works. 

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Error occurs on Mount SD Card invoke node in RT VI, any suggestion on what is causing the error? I created a FPGA VI to acquire temperature and RT VI to store the temperature to SD Card. Attach is the RT VI and the error image. 


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Did you ever figure out what was causing your issue?

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