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Porting LabVIEW for ARM STM32F103


I had some success in porting labview (2010) for STM32F103 microcontroller using Keil toolchains (ulink2 and uVision V5.25.2.0).
I have got running simple labview code and even have done IO via GPIO in the board (blinking LED ...). The top-level VI is


The weird thing is: it only works in "development mode", running from LabView in debugging mode. That is, the Building Specification from the Labview Project Explorer must have "Enable debugging" checked.

I never got it to run correctly from uVision, or standalone (only the board without the JTAG cable plugged) - no LED blinking and no GPIO control. No error messages. It seems to execute perfectly, but no useful action accurs (IO, etc).

In summary: it only works when the code is sent from LabView (via USB -> ULINK -> flash memory stm32f103) and whilstle the option "Enable debugging" is cheked in the Building specification from the Labview Project Explorer.


One more detail: when the option "Enable debugging" is unchecked and the project is compiled (pressing the Run arrow in the front panel), I noticed that an entire block of C code is missing in the Test.c file when I inspect this file in the uVision environment. This missing block of C code is responsible for implementing the actions programmed in the Diagram block of my (While Loop, multiply, ...).

I hope I have been clear.


Please can  I have some help??



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I am myself looking into running (or compiling) LV code to run on the STM32 target, so let me know if you have had any success with it.



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Hey Paulo.

How are you?


Let me see if I understood what you need. You're trying to use LabVIEW and a STM32F103 ARM Microcontroller, right? Do you want this application to be compiled into code so you can run it on the microcontroller as a standalone application or do you want to use your microcontroller with LabVIEW?


Have you seen the Getting Started with the LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontroller


Also, take a look at this thread about executables that only run with debbuging enable, it might help you find the issue. 


Could you tell me more about what you're trying to do and your application? Why are you using an ARM controller?


Best Regards,

Lígia T. Ferreira
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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Very expensive toolchain!  🙄


I can afford STM32F0.


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