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One shot (Single shot) mode for LM3S8962


Hss anyone successfully programmed a one-shot output pulse with an external interrupt?  I am trying to program a one-shot output .  I know that the input trigger is on CCP0.  I am trying to understand how I can control an external pin to put out an accurate one-shot pulse, or will i just have to just use elemental I/O when servicing the interrupt?    


I looked at this link already:


I tried this:



I changed the TimerConfigure to "OS", but it still is periodic.  I also used the timer config vi's to try to change the operation from periodic to single shot, it does not seem to work.


I am about to try this:

one-shot peek poke.png


Thanks, George


P.S.  I used an external trigger to generate an interrupt.  In the interrupt, i turn on an elemental I/O bit, then I use an empty for-loop to do a delay, then i turn off the bit.  If the external interrupt is asychronous, I get dither in my output pulse.  If I use the internal PWM module and use this as the interrupt, then the output pulse is stable.  It doesn't make sense.......



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