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Network Streaming data acquisition



I have written an app using Labview's network streaming option to transfer data from the cRIO to my computer and then save this data in a .csv file. I wanted to test it but I'm confused on how to run or deploy it.

Right now I have all the code for both endpoints (reader and writer) in one VI. Do I need to separate this code into 2 different VIs? If so, which one would I need to deploy into my cRIO? After this, how do I run the application?. Did I skip one step?

In conclusion, could you give me a series of steps to follow or point me toward the right direction please?


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Yes, you need to separate the code into two VIs.  You'll need a writer in your real-time app and a reader in your computer application.  Also, sharing VIs or even screen captures of your code will help other provide you with more detailed assistance.

If you search the LabVIEW Example Finder for "streams" you'll find a reference project that may provide the answers you need.

LV Ex Streams.png



PS. This type of question is better suited to the NI Forums ( instead of the community pages.

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Ok, I will post it there.

Thanks for the tip I didn't know that existed!

Have a good day James

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