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NI 9237 reading Load Cell as pounds


I am trying to read a load cell with a 9237.  I am using FPGA not Scan.  I am unable to find any information on how to calulate the modules output to convert it to pounds. 

I know my module, wiring and load cell is good.  I was able to get good readings using an USB device with the module and load cell, see the image below for MAX settings.

Using the below forumal and the load cell calibration sheet I can get the correct pounds, but using the modules output I don't get the correct values.

(AO_Reading * FullRange) / (Sensitivity * ExVolt)    FullRange = 100, Sensitivity = 0.003, and ExVolt = 5


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Hi WabCox,

These modules will return measurements already in proportion to the excitation voltage (either V/V or mV/V) as opposed to the raw voltage from the bridge. See

I suspect this means you don't need the ExVolt term in that equation since it is already taken care of. Hopefully that is all it is if the formula works everywhere else.



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That was it.  Thanks!

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