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LabVIEW on embedded ARM system MCB1700 with LPC1768




reading the tutorial "LabVIEW Embedded for ARM Porting Guide" did not solve my problem of using the development board together with Labview. Is there any additional info of porting guide, especially for LPC1768? Maybe someone has an example code to share the knowledge?!


Thank you very much in advance!

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Hello Jurerejc and welcome to NI Forums!

Porting to a Tier 2 ARM device (such as the MCB1700 with NXP LPC1768 processor) is not an easy process and is not directly supported. However, online porting guide does contain all the steps you need to follow.

Based on your description, I understand you are working through the steps found in this article. Based on the "Integration of LabVIEW and Keil Toolchains" section, I checked the following directory to see if the target already supports the RTX Real-Time Kernel:


It did not contain an RTX_Conf*.c file, so you will need to follow the steps in Chapter 4. Also, I checked if the target supports the Real-Time Agent Module by looking at the following directory:

C:\Keil\ARM\RT Agent\RTX

It did not contain a MCB1700 folder, so you will also need to follow the steps in Chapter 5. In total, Chapters 4 and 5 would take substantial effort to get a simple program running on the board.

I am not aware of any working ports or example programs for the MCB1700 board or the NXP LPC1768 processor. Also, any assistance I provide is limited by not having the MCB1700 board to test with.


Kind regards:

Andrew Valko
National Instruments Hungary
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I can't find "Chapter 4" in NI's Web ,can you please give me some help?

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