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LabVIEW embedded ARM target and LPC2148

I'm trying to run LabVIEW application on LPC2148 ARM ucontroller.
I followed example on NI website (Tier2 ARM device with the LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers).
I have a project template for LPC2148. I prepared very simple application
(one loop with shift register). Application compiles, loads into memory, but
hangs in SWI_Handler. SWI_Handler *IS* imported in Startup.s. I can't even
debug the problem, because RTX comes as a binary blob. I have no idea where to start
looking (no source code == no debug == I'm blind).

Can anybody help me with some guidelines about porting LabVIEW to tier 2 processor?
Any experience with such port?

Some data:
* LabVIEW 8.5.1 with ARM target (not evaluation, *NO* Microprocessor SDK)
* Program loops in
(...) // some machine code
0x00008938  EAFFFFFE  B         0x00008938
* Stacks set as in MCB2300 template

I will provide any other information if needed.
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i have arm board with processor LPC2148.

I wnat to use labview arm module.

Can i use labview arm module for LPC2148?

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Hey , I hav a query. I hope you reply to it. I am trying to make my LPC2148 Dev Kit a target in LabView, and unfortunately i am unable to do so. Can you please tell me how do i make it a target. Also do tell me wat all is needed. Please Reply ASAP.

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You should look at the template folders of some targets that are availabe with LV for ARM.

You can copy/paste and edit a target for your device (adding peripheral library and editing LV for ARM drivers like ARM_serial.c)

First you'll have to know the structure of a LV for ARM application.

I suggest that you make a simple application and then build ik for an existing target (luminary or NXP)

after the build is complete, you can view the uVision project via Tools > ARM > open KEIL uVision.


"LabVIEW for ARM guru and bug destroyer"
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Hey bro , can you please send me the LPC2148 template folder, i am in urgent need of it, for my final year project.
I tried creating it but got stuck at mutiple places. 
my emailID is
Please Help.

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