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LabVIEW Real-Time Desktop ETS Validated Hardware Component List

Any updated list for LV-RT 2019? for Intel 218 219 LM for USB3.0 Real Time support please contact my tel +86 13991185036
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I'm looking for a server machine that I may use for putting all my LabVIEW applications, I have 5 different applications running on different PCs now (4 on windows PCs as exe and one RT application is running on Desktop PC configured as RT PC).

I want to do it because of two reasons:

Firstly the reliability of normal PCs running 24*7 is low and the applications have to run in round the clock mode.

Secondly, I want to put them together and not to bother to go to different machines for different application updates/developments.

Am I thinking right or is there any other proper solution for it?

Or if putting all applications at one machine is not possible then I would like to know one server machine on which I may deploy my RT application as stated earlier.

For your information, I just need two ethernet ports and one USB/RS232 on the machine for application's communication interfaces.

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