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LM3S8962_No ULINK Device found


Gday All,


Luminary Micro LM3S8962 evaluation board and was hoping to make some programs in Labview and download/run them, as I have read you can do.

Ive installed Labview 2011 with the 'Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers., with Keil uVision 4. 


However, whenever I attempt to RUN a Build, I get this error


[PM 04:30:27] Status: Error
No ULINK Device found
Error: Flash Download failed - Target DLL has been cancelled

Detail: [UVSC_PRJ_FLASH_DOWNLOAD, MSG: 0x100A, STATUS: 0x1] (1)
Status: FLASH download error.


I am somewhat new to this, and I have very little idea what the above error means, nor how I can fix it.

Can anyone help !!!!



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restart a new ARM project and place as LM3S8962 USB target, the set of tools for this microcontroller Level 1 is compatible with versions 2010-11-12, this is because if we place as we should have the LM3S8962 destido ULINK2 recorder Keil, more reference

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Hey ajayks, 


Basically this error means that, when the dev enviornment went to download its compiled code to the target it failed (Flash Download failed) because it couldn't find the connection method (ULINK Device) it was expecting. 


This most commonly comes up when you're project setup is different than your physical hardware setup. In the LabVIEW project, your target will be marked as either LM3S8962 USB or LM3S8962. The difference here, is in how LabVIEW will attempt to distribute your code to the target. Using LM3S8962 USB in your project, LV will attempt to disribute over USB and using LM3S8962 LV is expecting a ULINK JTAG programmer.


So, it's possible based on your error that you're using the ULINK style deployment but you dont have the ULINK connected between your hardware device and the dev computer. If you are using a ULINK device and you're receiving this error, I would try making sure that the serial connector for the ULINK is fully seated on the board, and try power cycling the system (sometimes it gets in a weird state)

Tim A.
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I am also having a similar problem to the one that is stated above. Is there a way to use this module via ethernet cables? I am trying to include the microcontroller on a wireless robot. So I need the microcontroller to receive the information from a router.

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