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Just started

my name is Holger Brand from GSI, Germany,

I have successfully installed LabVIEW 7.1 Embedded Edition Beta 1.0 and Visual Studio. I could build the first Windows Console Application.

I would like to use Lynx OS on PowerPC as target as a first step and second RTEMS OS.

I followed the EMB_Porting_Guide.pdf to create a new embedded target lynx by using ecos as template since the gcc is available on Lynx OS. Using ecos and lynx in the pathes was working fine.
In the next step I wanted to create a specific PowerPC target by using the just before created lynx\cmd565 as template.
This causes errors. VIs and CTL were not found. I selected them manually and finally it was reported that the new target was created successfully. But I am not sure whether this is OK or not. I also tried to use ecos\cmd565. That was the same result. I also startet directly with a specific target, but in this case I got a no success error in the end.

Regards Holger
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Which VIs and CTLs could it not find?
Joel Sumner
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Hello Holger,

When using the "Create Embedded Target..." Utility, you need to be sure that you copy the folder to the same level of the folder hierarchy so that it maintains any functional dependencies. For example, you would need to Copy the "targets\ecos\cmd565" folder into the "target\ecos\XXX" directory and not into the "target\XXX" directory. Furthermore, when you copy a target using this utility, all of its sub-targets will be invalid. For example, if you copy the "target\vxworks" folder to "target\YYY", the "target\YYY\cmd565" target will not be valid.

I think that the best solution for you is to copy the "target\ecos" folder using the utility, then manually copy and relying the "\target\ecos\cmd565" example target.

I hope that this helps.

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Thanks, I will try today.

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I will join the HandsOn course held by Stephan Ahrends, NI.
I think that makes the start easier.

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