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Issues using NI-TSM with cRIO

Hi All,


The cRIO is working, connected to a monitor (VGA), and the NI-TSM was working over VGA connected to my laptop.


When connecting the cRIO to the TSM using VGA, it only works if the monitor is on, then the cRIO is started. I have no idea why but I can deal with that.


On the production machine, the cRIO is connected to the TSM DisplayPort. The TSM doesn't seem to automatically switch inputs, so I plugged it into my laptop VGA, then on the OSD menu switched the input to DP.  Now the screen won't display anything, even when going through the old process of starting the cRIO after the monitor. Furthermore, it won't automatically switch back to VGA, so I'm stuck in DP mode that won't work with the cRIO.


Anyone got any experience of using the TSM? I'm very confused as to why it doesn't work like any other monitor.



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Hi Matt,


My name is Mitchell Goon, from National Instruments Technical Support.


Before I investigate further into your issue, I’d be grateful if you could provide/clarify the following details, so that I may better address the problem:


  1. What is the model of the cRio you are using?
  2. Have you tried using the TSM with other Embedded controllers or PCs/Laptops?
  3. Have you tried the other available I/O connections (i.e. USB 2.0, RS-232 ports)?
  4. When making connections between the devices, are any adaptors used? (i.e. mini-DP to DP, mini-DP to DVI, etc.)
  5. Have you carried out any calibration for the TSM? (i.e. through Windows, via USB)
  6. Any other troubleshooting steps you may have attempted apart from the above?

This article might be useful if you happen to be using third-party display adaptors in your set-up:


These articles maybe somewhat useful to you as well, although it is geared towards PXI/PXIe controllers rather than cRio controllers:


Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


Kind Regards,


Mitchell Goon

National Instruments

Applications Engineering

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Thanks Mitchell, Got it working, the issue was mostly that the TSM doesn't automatically detect what kind of input you are giving it, and without an input you can't access the menu to change it. In our case it was set to DVI, and I'd only been trying to test with VGA and DP, so I had to search through the company for someone with a DVI monitor and plug into their computer. Matt
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