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Is it possible to program LM3S8962 without ULINK2 JTAG?

Last year, I purchased a Stellaris LM3S8962 development kit because it was a tier 1 supported device. I then found that LabView only supports programming this device through a ULINK2 JTAG device that costs about $300. I'm a Grad student, and that's too much for me right now.


I purchased a unit that claimed to be a ULINK JTAG on ebay, but I found that it was just a clone of an earlier device, and is not supported either.


Is their any way that I can configure Labview to work with what I have?  I have a Masters project involving PID loop control, and I'd really like to use LabView embedded to generate the code for my Evaluation board. (Without dropping 300 clams on a JTAG)


Thanks in advance,


Scott Livengood

Indiana State University

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Hi Scott! Yes, it is possible using the USB cable, after compiling the program in LabVIEW, right click on the icon of the ARM in the window of the "Project Explorer" then select "Show Keil uvision". In uvision window, click Flash -> Flash Tools Configure and select the form of programming (Luminary), then click on Flash -> Download. This worked with me, but I don't able to debug the application on the board using LabVIEW... I want to know if this is possible using the USB and/or Ethernet cables.
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Thanks Evandro,


I will give this solution a try this weekend.



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I also have a project that I am interested in testing without a large upfront investment. Were you able to get your project and the generated code uploaded to your evaluation board? If so, was it a success?




Ty S.

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Most of Luminary development board have on-board simulator. CoIDE and CoFlash supports Stelaris ICDI, maybe you can use the board directly.

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On the project icon, right click New then Targets and Devices... Select "EK-LM3S8962 USB" rather than ""EK-LM3S8962" and you can use just the USB cable for downloading and debugging. By debugging I mean you can have debugging on and see indicators and modify control values.

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I'm from Argentina, I have a plate LM3S8962 and I find it very expensive to buy a ulink2, can be programmed using the USB port on the motherboard? and how to do it. please need help for my thesis is engineering

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What is a plate LM3S8962? That is, what does plate mean?


If using the EK-LM3S8962 development board from TI it is easy to do as mentioned above.

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sorry for my English, if I use ek-LM3S8962. Failure would be too much trouble, could you explain to me in Spanish, because my English is very weak. Thank you very much and greetings from Argentina

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Uso de la EK-LM3S8962 sin el cable de ULINK2 JTAG es fácil. Es decir, usted puede usar el cable USB.

En el icono del proyecto, haga clic con nuevos objetivos, a continuación y de los dispositivos ... Seleccione "EK-LM3S8962 USB" en lugar de "EK-LM3S8962" y se puede utilizar sólo el cable USB para la descarga y depuración. Por la depuración quiero decir que puedes tener un depurador y ver los indicadores y modificar los valores de control.


Saludos desde Sydney.

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