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Install DCOM support for Windows 7 Embedded%3F

I have windows 7 embedded running on my NI Touch Panel Computer system.  I can run labview applications just fine.  However I am attempting to have the TPC communicate using shared variables with a OPC server.  I believe that the TPC needs to have DCOM installed.  This usually means an OS reconfiguration


If I need to build a new OS how does one get the NI specific modules for the TPC (it the touch panel interface?).  Does NI have a service to build W7Embedded versions for various uses of the TPC?



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Setting up DCOM is always painful, and I never managed to make it work on any Windows 7. Anyway, if I were you I'll run LabVIEW DSC (need for LabVIEW to communicate with OPC unless your OPC has another way to manage it) on OPC server, and write data to shared variable hosting on the same server. Then, TPC links to shared variable on the server.

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I have DSC Runtime installed on the TPC.  That is not the issue.  The OPC client software will not work without some connector software from a third party.  That software will not install without DCOM installed.


On a regular windows 7 computer this works fine.  But now I have to host the shared variable/OPC client on a 3rd computer that is not the TPC or the OPC server.  For reliability I would like the TPC to directly connect to the OPC server.  Installing DCOM seems to be necessary for this.

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