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How to program a SoM sbRIO-9651

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I have opened a thread here:


Regarding ethernet communication between a windows PC and a SoM sbRIO-9651.


I have been trying to utilise the sbRIO-9651, but programming an embedded system seems a bit more complex than programming a cdaq.


I have only sat core 1 and 2, so haven't sat the FPGA course.


I have been following the following link to get me started, and used the help in LabVIEW to try and understand  how programming an NI embedded system device works, but finding it a little confusing.


Any advice or articles to help me will be good. Before I think about completing my project of ethernet communication, I want to start by getting to grips with NI Embedded Systems devices.

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Accepted by topic author Dawud-Beale

Hi Dawud-Beale,


My name is Mitchell at National Instruments, and I'm happy to assist you with regards to your enquiry.


You may wish to refer to the links below on getting started with FPGA programming and getting that to work with your sbRIO:


Getting started with LabVIEW FPGA:


CompactRIO Hands-On Tutorial:


Programming the sbRIO shouldn't be that much different from programming a cRIO, so these articles should be pretty informative.


I hope you find these articles useful for you. Do let me know of you need any further assistance and I will be happy to do so.


Kind Regards,



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