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How to Port Tier 2 ARM Processor

Hi Wouter,


I am porting Labview for stm32f103 arm cortex m3. Right now I am trying to create the elemental I/Os but dont have the Target Editor (nor uP SDK). How do I do without the Target Editor??




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Hi Paulo,


Would you mind explaining more about your application? What specific NI hardware and software are you using?

Also, since this is such an old forum, you may consider starting a new thread to get more attention.

Ryan B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Paulo,


Support for LV for ARM stopped years ago, so I wouldn't recommend using it.

But... targets are located in your NI folder under targets/Keil/Embedded/RealView/Generic.

you can copy an example target like LM3sxxxx and edit it for your target.

the IO is located under "eio", but it would be better to write your own vi with c code setting I/O since there are some bugs with the elemental I/O...

"LabVIEW for ARM guru and bug destroyer"
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Hi Wouter, hi Ryan B.

Sorry me for delaying so much to answer.  In the meantime I have had some progress.

As for the hardware, I'm using a little board with an STM32F103RB (Cortex-M3) microcontroller. I had some success in porting labview (2010) for this microcontroller using Keil toolchains (ulink2 and uVision V5.25.2.0). I have got running simple labview code and even got to do IO via GPIO in the board.

But the weird thing is: it only works in "development mode", running from LabView  in debugging mode. That is, the Building Specification from the Labview Project Explorer must have "Enable debugging" checked.

I never got it to run correctly from uVision, or standalone (only the board without the JTAG cable plugged) - no LED blinking and no GPIO control. No error messages. It seems to execute perfectly, but no useful action accurs.

In summary: it only works when the code is sent from LabView (via USB -> ULINK -> flash memory stm32f103) and whilstle the option "Enable debugging" is cheked in the Building specification from the Labview Project Explorer.


Can you please help me with this problem? I dont know if I have been clear in the descriptiion of the problem. If necessary I can send more details.

Thanks a lot!!


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