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How to Port Tier 2 ARM Processor

I would like to use Analog Devices ARM7 ADuC7026 Microcontroller in LabVIEW Embedded.  I have been following the instructions on NI's website.  I am in Chapter 2 and am trying to setup a new target and cannot find the Target Editor.  The Target Editor is not in the location specified :  Tools»Embedded»Target Editor.  Is there a new process for setting this up, or is the Target Editor in a new location?  I am using LabVIEW 8.6 for ARM.  





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"NOTE:  This portion of the tutorial requires the LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK.If you do not own a copy of the LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK, follow the instructions in this alternative tutorial." (Programming Additional ARM Microcontrollers with LabVIEW (without the LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK))

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Thank you.  The tutorial is a bit tricky to follow, as it has the user jumping from chapter to chapter and not in sequential order.  Now I am in Chapter 5 in the section "Configure the HSTimer to Periodically Call the RTA Functions".  I'm not sure if or where I should insert the lines of code after the "OS_TINIT() function".  The next line indicates that I should have some code "HSTIM_CTRL |= (1 << 0)" which I do not.  Attached is a copy of the RTX_Conf.c file that I'm working on.  Am I on the right track?  Is this something that needs to be added?




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You are joking a little (high-speed timer on ADI's ADuC702x :).

However, I saw you used templates from the right Keil folders. Also testing your new target doesn't hurt much if you'd try in simulator first.


Good Luck!

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Do not forget to include "LVConfig.h" where all tasks are declared with user provided stack (LabVIEW needs at least one for the main task - perhaps you need that memory).

Remember that your are writing a template. RTX_Config is copied along with all Template files in your Application folder when you start building from LabVIEW. There you can debug/modify it and then update the Template so the changes become permanent.

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Hello frosturi,


I'm around your place now. And my question is : did you succed to add a uController in labview ? 

If yes, I have any questions ... thank !






uC : Atmel ARM7 AT91SAM7A3
LV embedded module for ARM 2009, eval mode
KEIL 3.85 licenced
OS : windows 7
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Sorry Yannick,


No I did not.


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Hi Jeff,

I thought you had been successful in this attempt
What kind of problems did you encountered?



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  I use LabView2011,but I can not tool>>ARM Module>>Target Editor,where is it?thanks.


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it is in an other module of LabVIEW, microprocessor SDK.

If you don't have that (and you have offcourse LV for ARM), you must copy/paste and modify the templates yourself.

they are in the Labview/targets folder. (keil/realview/generic)

you must then replace the peripheral library with the one for your microcontroller.

Also there are libraries from KEIL (flashfs ,tcpnet etc.) which need some functions if you want them to work.


just look at an example template that is already there.

look at he ARM_<peripheral> files which LabVIEW uses for using your ARM's peripherals.


It's not easy but if you understand the principle of a LV for ARM target, it will become easier.

I've made two templates/targets for LV for ARM.



"LabVIEW for ARM guru and bug destroyer"
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