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How can I reduce RAM usage?

Hi everyone, I am newbie and this is the first time to ask something here. 


I faced heavy trouble related to RAM usage.


My application use RAM over 2GB ~ 2.3GB. (Because my program use too much subVI (about 600) So some poor computer can't execute this program. I look for lots of solutions and tested something but I can't understand.


The upper side is the method called by reference and I heard If I use this method, subVI don't take up space on RAM when they weren't called by main.

The below side is the method I used my program and I listen If users execute the application and SUB VI occupy memory space on RAM even though they weren't called by main.




To compared RAM usage, I utilize LabView's tool but It confused me because results are the same. They occupy only when they were called by So memory usage is same... I was confused. Can Anybody help me?


-- summary --

Can I reduce ram usage about my program? For example this program need 2GB and then I can reduce 2GB --> 1GB?

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Hello LikeSnow.

I guess you may know already how to use calling a VI by reference. But, check this tutorial explaining how to use.
I quoted some sentence form there,
Note that when we finish the call, we close the VI reference"
Did you close the reference?

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Hi chisbae, I am too late to your comments.

Thanks for teaching me. 


Yeah, I solved this problem to replace Call VI(Basic) with Call by references. 

It really effects and this reduces ram usage noticeably. (2GB --> 250 MB)

I am looking forward to see you again at another topice : D 

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