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Hard reset NI TSM-101X

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I'm having issues with a TSM-101X touchscreen monitor. The display is just blank, even though the touch functionaity still works. Is there a way to hard reset the monitor?


I understand you can reset it when the display works, but I'm not able to do it when the display is blank...


Could someone help me?

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Hey Yamadadan,


I found in this forum thread that states that TSM-101X have a known - and under investigation - behavior of being unable to recover display when the monitor powers off and back on. Is this the behavior you are experiencing?


If so, you can try following the suggested solution of configuring the display to be always on.


Could you check that and tell me if that worked for you?



Felipe Flores
Applications Engineer II
National Instruments Brazil

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Dear Felipe,


The monitor's display we're using is never turning on... We noticed that the backlight turns on once when we start the monitor, but the display keeps turning blank.


Isn't there a way of reseting the monitor with the external buttons, as we do with our cellphones ou PC's?


Best Regards.

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Also, the LED from the monitor's back blinks only once...

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Dear Felipe,


Unfortunately, this didn't work.

The problem we're facing is that our display doesn't turn on, whichever video signal I input.

I tried connecting a different TSM-101X to a PC via VGA and DVI, and it works normally.

But the one I'm using is not displaying anything.

I don't know if there's a solution for that, thats why I was wondering about an external reset, similar to a cellphone reset.

Do you know if there is anything like that?


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Accepted by topic author yamadadan

Dear Felipe,


We found the error. We were using a converter to connect the miniDisplayPort with a DisplayPort-DisplayPort cable, and the monitor didn't read anything.

We got a MiniDiplayPort-DisplayPort cable and the monitor finally showed its display.

We found out the autoscan video configuration was off, and turned it on. Now it works properly.

Still, is there a way to do a factory reset on the monitor?


Thank you very much for your support.

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Hey yamadadan,


You could try accessing the System menu and then choosing the Reset Option. Take a look at the picture below.





Felipe Flores
Application Engineer
National Instruments Brazil

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Dear Felipe,


I tried that, but as the display wasn't showing I couldn't access this menu on the monitor.


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