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Hand Gesture Recognition System


Can anyone please help me completing this? I am new in LabView and i am not able to complete this project 'Hand Gesture Recognition System using LabView'. I am able to do till image conversion to binary. Filtering, feature extraction, training and testing needs to be done. If someone helps me out, it would be a great favor. I didn't find anyone to help me through this that's why i opted for this forum. Please please help me through this...........................The file is attached herewith.

 I have to complete this project in very short time and i have got pressure from my Academics for this. It would be very great and thankful, if anyone helps me through this, cause i am new and i dont have anyone to guide for this................

Thanks a lot in anticipation.

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What you have supplied by way of LabVIEW code is trivial and tiny compared to what needs to be eventually designed and developed.


Any hand gesture recognition product/project would take hundreds of man hours to get a prototype designed ON PAPER, before you even sit down to code anything up.   Coding the design would then take a similar amount of time.


How about you show us your design in words and pictures and I'm sure some of us would be more than happy to help you translate that in to LabVIEW.


In summary, you appear to be extremely optimistic that some people on this forum would help you to design and code the bulk of what sounds like a final year engineering thesis project.

Peter Badcock
Product Development
ResMed Ltd.
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Thank you sir for the concern. I am actually not requesting for sophisticated time design, rather i am requesting for a simple static hand gesture recognition system which would basically follow these steps:

1. Acquire image from webcam (which is already done in the attached code)

2. Preprocess the image (which is already done in the attached code)

3. Filtering the processed image 

4. Extract the feature, viz perimeter, area and if possible thumb detection

5. Train the code with database which contains images of hand showing numbers from 1 to 10

6. Finally, if someone shows '1' symbol in camera, then it processes it and gives output as ''1''.


It is the simplest hand gesture recognition of symbols which recognizes numbers from 1 to 10. Nothing more than that is required. I have attached a pic which is what i have to recognize using the particular system, when gets one of those symbol as a input.

I dont think it would take much time to those who have good handson in LabView because it's the simplest form of hand gesture recognition system. And thank you again sir, for the concern. 


email :

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>"a simple static hand gesture recognition system "


The term "simple" is relative here.  simple relative to a more complex gesture recognition system of course, but  even the "simplest" hand gesture recognition system will take hundreds of hours to plan/design and code.


Can you please let us know what this project is for ?  Is it for a university degree thesis project ?


Peter Badcock
Product Development
ResMed Ltd.
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Yeah it is graduation project.

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