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Getting From the PXI to the PC


I'm currently working with a system using a PXI-5105 in a PXIe 1073 chasis. Previously, the system was connected to a laptop via the MXI Express X1 cable, which connected to a NI ExpressCard-8360, which then could be directely plugged into the ExpressCard slot on the computer. Recently, we have upgraded and purchased a new desktop computer that is supposed to be dedicated to this system. In order to continue to connect to the NI system via the ExpressCard, a PCI express to ExpressCard adapter was purchased and installed. Unfortunately, this piece of hardware is not compatable with the OS of the desktop (Windows 10).

Anyone know of other ExpressCard adapters that are compatable with Windows 10? Or have suggestions for alternative ways of getting the data from the PXI to the PC?

I found the NI-PCIe-8361 MXI Express interface, but I am unclear whether that is compatable with the PXI-5105.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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