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Free Software for SPEEDY-33



My schools had been cleaning out the STEM equipment and I managed to grab a couple of Hyperception SPEEDY-33s. These boards seem pretty powerful. I downloaded the labview packages to be able to program it, but after one month they need an activation code. Is there a free software package that will let me program these boards without having to pay any money? The platform does not matter, windows, mac, or linux. I have access to all of them.

My only requirements:
Digital IO control

Analog IO (speakers, mics) control

Maybe something that works with the USB port, but it is not necessary.



P.S. If someone could point me to resources on using the USB host, and the analog IO pins, that would also be awesome.

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If you are a student, LabVIEW is free. I am not sure what additional modules or toolkits you need, though. What are you currently using?


(See here It is for 6 month at a time, but renewable as long as you remain a student).


(If you are no longer a student, the new LabVIEW home bundle version is $50.)



EDIT: It seems you need the DSP module, which is not included in the above LabVIEW versions.

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Thanks for the reply, when I downloaded the DSP Module, the installer insisted that I download labview 8.6 as well. Both of these require a activation code. I intend to use the DSP to analyze a wheelchair controller and determine the signal sent to the main controlller. Once I have a fully functioning analyzer (for free) I intend to learn how the heck to acutally use the thing for that. Right now my main goal is to the the thing fully working.


Do you know of free software?


P.S. I did not know about the free labview. That's pretty awesome!

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You can only program the SPEEDY-33 using LabVIEW with the DSP Module. If you are a student, I would suggest contacting your IT admin or the professor you are working for, and ask them to give you a license for LabVIEW and the DSP module. Unfortunately, this is the only way to program the SPEEDY-33. You might want to take a look at the Getting Started Guide.


Getting Started with the LabVIEW DSP Module

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