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FFT proof of concept

I have the MCB2300 & the MCB2400 Eval Boards, and the Eval Version of the LabVIEW Embeddedsoftware.

I want to input a 20 kHz signal mixed with white noise into the ARM ADC and analyze the signal with an FFT

Vi, then output the 20 kHz frequency (after analysis) on the PWM. 


Will the Eval edition allow me to do this, or will I be memory limited?


I wanted to generate the signal with the Spectrum and feed this to a USB-6212 into the ARM ADC.


If I can demonstrate this capability, then I could get the funding to purchase the LabVIEW Embeddedsoftware.

Any help or advice to get this demo to fly would be appreciated since I only have 32 days left on the Eval period.



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