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Embedded Project Manager Buttons

Is there a way to disable front panel activity on the Embedded Project Manager while it is still performing the actions on the last user request? Here is the problem I'm running into, I haven't added a progress display for the download button yet (I know I need to). Therefore when I clicked the Download button I wasn't sure if the code had finished so I clicked it several times. It turns out that it runs that many times in a row. I think disabling front panel updates on the event structure would provide a more logical operation.
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Try using the cursor VIs, and set the cursor to the hourglass when you are downloading. Make sure to set it back to the arrow when you are done.

Hope this helps,
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Thanks, I can handle that. What I did also was to show a modal progress VI that prevents the user from clicking anything in LabVIEW until the download is complete.
Systems Engineering - National Instruments
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