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Deployment completed with errors


I'm attempting to deploy a VI to an NI cRIO-9038.

When I press the run arrow, the deployment runs like normal and finishes with the following message.

"Deployment completed with errors"

Memory usage is reported as "Free Memory: 1663415 K of 1935944 K Total (85%)", so I don't believe that's the issue.

The next time that I press the run arrow, I get a "Conflict Resolution" dialog with the followign message on the target:

"Errors were detected in the target log when connecting to the target:

LabVIEW:  Generic error.

LabVIEW:  (Hex 0x661) The LabVIEW Real-Time process encountered an unexpected error and restarted automatically."

There is an "Apply" button and pressing it runs the deployment process like normal and produces the "Deployment completed with errors" message.


What I've tried already

  • Mass compile the entire project, save all
  • Set 'Separate compiled code' on all VIs in use.
  • Restarting LabVIEW and the target many times
  • Format target and reinstall software to target
  • Undeploy controller from target, redeploy using 'Deploy All'
  • Clear the compiled object cache
  • Use binary search with diagram disable to find the offending VI. I did isolate to a specific VI that is a member of an object and has 3 other objects referenced.
  • Using diagram disable structures within the offending VI yields mixed results.
    • ie. The offending VI contains 5 VIs. Sometimes disabling VI 1 will allow a deployment. Then next time I attempt to deploy, it doesn't work. I'll move the diagram disable to VI 2 and it will occaisionally allow deployment. When I go back to all of the VIs enabled, I will often get one good deployment and then it will fail after that.
    • The most reliable method to get one good deployment is the following long process: (it is repeatable)
      • Disable everything in the offending VI and run on target: Successful deploy (but not running any code)
      • Re-enable all but three of the VI's inside the offending VI: Successful deploy (but not running all code)
      • Re-enable the last three VI's one at a time while deploying after each one is enabled. If the error appears, disable the most recently enabled VI and enable a different one: Successful deploy (but not running all code)
      • Once all but one VI in the offending VI are enabled and the VI is deploying successfully; enabling the final internal VI will usually deploy successfully. once.

  • I've copied all of the contents of the offending VI into a new VI. That yielded one good deployment. Then it went back to failing.
  • Changing execution settings and enabling/disabling debugging yielded no good results.
  • I created a new project and put the library with the offending VI in it. I then attempted to run just the offending VI on the cRIO. This yielded the same behavior.
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I have the same problem with cRIO-9035 and LabVIEW 2015.  So far my solution is to deploy the libraries that are causing the errors prior to launching the  I have to either right click on the library in my project and select deploy or run a vi in the library, which in turns loads the library into the RT memory.  Sometimes the library that I'm attempting to deploy fails.  In that case, I find that library and do the same thing.  Once I've loaded all the libraries that cause problems into the RT memory then I can run my main.


Given this information, I assume that there is a conflict with my libraries, perhaps one library requires another library to load...   

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