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Custom CompactRIO Module Development - Embedded Project Manager window "missing"

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The scenario:


I'm currently working on a custom CompactRIO Module. The hardware is mostly done, I've installed CompactRIO MDK 1.0 and I'd like to configure my CompactRIO system and develop the driver VI for my module.

The steps needed for configuring the cRIO System before begining developing the driver VI are the following (as written in the MDK documentation):


1. Launch LabView and select FPGA device as execution target. The Embedded Project Manager window appears.

2. Select File-> New and create  a LabView Embedded Project (LEP) file.

3. ...


Used equipment:


- LabView 2011, licensed Student Edition

- LabView FPGA and RealTime modules

- NIRIO 4.0 

- NI-CRIO9024 Controller with 8-slot Chassis


The problem:


After launching LabView and selecting FPGA as a target (see attached figure), even when hitting the 'Go' button next to the slide-down menu the Embedded Project Manager window won't appear.


I also tried searching for it in other menus, with no luck.




1. Where can I find the Embedded Project Manager?

2. Is it possible, that I can't find the Embedded Project Manager window because I have a student licensed LabView?

3. How can I create an LEP file in that case?

4. Can I use (and if yes, how?) the 'Create instrument driver project' option? (see attached figure)




Waiting for replies,




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Hi, are you using the cRIO-9955 MDK to develop your module? 


If you are, there is a different private forum for posting questions that is monitored by R&D to get better answers to your question. There is more information on the support for that kit here:


I hope that helps,

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I've used so far CompactRIO MDK 1.0, an old version MDK (December 2004 is written on the cover of the manual).

The PCB dimensions, special requirements and communication modes are the same as in 2004, but the driver VI development method has changed (as now I'm using LabView 2011).

However, I'll post my questions on the private forum and hopefully get an updated driver development method example.


Thanks for the reply,


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Accepted by topic author Kertesz_Levente



After some research I managed to create the connection between my custom cRIO module and LabView.


The complete solution (with LabView 2011):


- add line 'cRIO_FavoriteBrand=generic' to the LabView.INI file

- launch LabView

- creating an empty project and select FPGA as execution target, click GO

- select 'CompactRIO Reconfigurable Embedded System' as project type, click next

- the next step is the detection of the chassis/ modules, followed by the creation of the new FPGA project 

- adding the custom module: right-click on FPGA Target -> New -> C Series Modules -> New Target or Device -> C series Module -> OK

- Enter name, select as module type 'generic', enter location


Hope it will help someone someday. Smiley LOL



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