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Communication throughTCP/IP Messaging



I'm currently developping a application which consists in taking some voltage measurements in a real-time environment (LabVIEW RT on PXIe8133 controller embedded in a PXIe-1082 chassis).


I tried to export the collected data to the host computer owing to shared variables, but I have the feeling that some data are lost somewhere. So I decided to implement the process of sharing by TCP/IP messaging. I found on the internet something which fits a little bit with what I would like to do (Simple TCP Messaging). I made some modifications in order to better fit with my purpose. The communication seems to be well established between the two locations. But the waveforms are not exported to the host computer and up to now I haven't succeed to determine what's wrong with my block diagram.


Could someone help me with that process?


Thanks in advance


The block diagrams are enclosed in the files below.



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