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Changing sampling rate in LabView for pxi-4022 (current measurement)

Hi, I followed the examples given with the driver for pxi-4022. I've built a VI in LabView and I'm now able to measure the current. But, while looking in the results, I've seen that the sampling rate is about 0.17-0.18 seconds (meaning - 1 sample per 0.17 seconds). I searched all over the HELP and haven't found the way to change the sampling rate (by the specifications of this card, it is able to measure 1.8 MS/s). My intention is to sample each micro-second. Is there any way to get an example in labview (8.5 or older) or any explanation about the way to change the sampling rate?
Thanks for the help...
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Hello Rozenman,


What are your settings for the configure multi-point VI and Fetch multi-point?  Perhaps posting your VI or a screen shot of your VI would be helpful here so that everyone might be able to give you more insights.

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I also have same problem, I don't know how to increase sampling rate when gathering the current signal. This is my diagram (attach file)


PS: I use current probe Tektronix TCP202 and ocilloscope Tektronix TDS3034 connected with the computer by GPIB-USB-SH.

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What driver are you using to program your devices with? Are you taking these current measurements by reading them with a probe that converts it to a voltage signal and then feeding that signal into your oscilloscope? One thing that comes to mind is to see if there are any "timing" options for your driver. Can you set this device to take continuous samples, or is there only a finite value that can be set? Also, do you see any VI inside of your driver that could possibly include a "sample rate" option?



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