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Can Labview be used for programming of Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller for Sensor applications?



My project id development of flow sensor using Texas Instruments MSP430 eZ430 RF2500 wireless kit. 

I have to display on PC, the recieved digitizing signals from transmitter. The microcontroller im using is Texas Instruments MSP430 F2274 present on both transmitter and receiver.

Can Labview be used for programming of microcontroller so that i directly display the results from USB Receiver module directly in Labview software.??

Is Labview Embedded only used for ARM microcontrollers or any other uC from other companies    ?? 


Thanks in Advance

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Hi aarief,

your assumption is correct: LabVIEW Embedded Module is only available for ARM Microcontrollers and some BlackFin Processors. There is a LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK though, which enables users to integrate LabVIEW into the manufacturer's toolchain by converting LabVIEW code into standard 32-bit C code. Unfortunately, TI's MSP430 is only a 16bit processor, therefore the C code generated by the LabVIEW µP SDK will not run on it. So you will have to use other tools to devellop the code.

BUT: your idea of interfacing the microcontroller in the USB receiver through LabVIEW on the PC is rather easy. National Instruments NI-VISA driver can assist you in the development of an OS-compliant driver to have the receiver detected as a communications device in the first place. After installation of that driver, you will then be able to interface the receiver directly using the standard NI-VISA API.

Best regards,

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Hello Sebastian,..

The suggestion you gave me is related to USB Intruments where i need to install drivers reqd for measurement device,..but mine is a RF kit which recieves digitized RF signals(temparature signals in specific)from another transmitter ..i hav attached a image of my has Reciever(USB module) and Transmitter which measures the temparature and sends to Reciever. I have to display this variations in temparature in LabVIEW on PC?

Can you suggest me with idea how i can interface the microcontroller MSP430F2274(Using IAR workbench) with Labview in my PC?



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Hello aarief,


did you find a solution for your problem?


i also want to interface with the msp430 (using IAR) and LabView.



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Yes. got it.

i created a driver in VISA Driver development Wizard for USB Module.

It worked, and used the VISA Blocks(VISA Open, VISA Read) to integrate with the program

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hello aarief,


my problem is : i have a C code to test a RAM of the MSP430 via JTAG.

now i need a way to use the output file of my C-Code with labview to do the test, but this time independent of IAR or CCS.


can you give me a hint what to do, or where to look for ?

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Dear All,

        We are using MSP430 devices and use IAR platform to work.


        How can 'C' Code files generated by LABVIEW be used in IAR over MSP 430 devices. What additional settings we need to do for the same.




Prithvi Pal Singh

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You can keep the outfile in a pre-defined location.Let the LabVIEW code created for PC access that particular file and communicate over rs-232 port(assuming that the JTAG port is still occupied with c-code) after converting the read text from file to hexadecimal.

Is this what you intended ?


Manu Mohan

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Dear All,

        We are using MSP430 devices and use IAR platform to work.


        How can 'C' Code files generated by LABVIEW be used in IAR over MSP 430 devices. What additional settings we need to do for the same.


As far as I know, MSP430 is a 16-bit controller and NI LabVIEW for Embedded supports only 32-bit controllers only. Please correct me if there is any change by NI recently.


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hello  manumohannair


thank you for your reply, i will think about it, i am a little confused at the moment, so i decided to first build a connection between LabView and the Flasch Emulation Tool, after that i will look how to use my output file.


to your Problem, maybe this could help you:



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